Meet Gretchen

Gretchen Stuppy’s contempory artwork explores color, light and often reflections across a variety of subjects. She paint what she loves and you will find maritime scenes, boats, nature and landscapes across many of her paintings.

Gretchen started painting seriously the year after her twins were born in 2008. What started with a creative outlet between naps and on weekends quickly turned into a passion. Dedicating herself to her artwork, Gretchen took classes and workshops for several years before starting to sell her paintings. After a break in selling her work to work for an educational non-profit on a traditional sailboat, Gretchen started selling her artwork again mostly in online galleries.

In addition to painting, Gretchen is also interested in the business behind the art world and you can find her sharing tips and tricks for selling, packaging, and setting up an art business. She believes that combining business and art can lead to a fullfilling and profitable business.

Gretchen lives on a small homestead in NH with her 3 children, husband and a ever changing mix of animals. In addition to painting, Gretchen loves to grow her own food, travel, and runs a small scale flower farm on her property. You can find her online with her other projects at:

Visit me in the studio or watch a short video to get to know Gretchen!

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