Two Sailboats Underway


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Original oil painting of 2 sailboat under sail.  This painting is done on a 6×6 gesso wood panel.  Display this small sailboat painting on a stand or frame it to hang on the wall.  The small nautical painting makes a great gift.

Whether these sailboats are finishing the race or simply out for a sail, it’s a beautiful day on the water. This is a perfect gift for a boat owner or someone who loves maritime tradition.

Maritime Series

This series is full of colorful maritime paintings.  You’ll find mostly small boats at anchor, often with bold colors and reflections.  Painted using just oil paints with a palette knife, each original oil painting is meant to evoke a sense of coastal charm. Whether you have an affinity for marine art or seek a piece that radiates coastal tranquility and the seafaring life, this seascape painting is sure to enchant and inspire.

ORIGINAL PAINTING: Hand-painted, one-of-a-kind. Beautiful and fun to add to any room decor!


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